Basic Health & Safety Practices

Children are born with considerable capabilities and an innate capacity to learn,
develop, and grow. They depend on their parents and care providers to provide a safe,
healthy, and nurturing environment for them to grow and thrive.

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The Basic Health and Safety Practices: Child Care Provider’s Guide has been prepared for you as a guide to health and safety best practices. This manual is divided into two sections: 1) HEALTH and 2) SAFETY. Each section details specific practices and procedures that you can implement in your child care environment to help keep the children in your care healthy and safe, with an emphasis on why these procedures are important. In addition, resources and sample forms are included in the Appendices at the end of this manual. This manual references Department of Human Services Hawai‘i Administrative Rules (HAR) for Infant and Toddler Child Care Centers (IT Chapter §17-895), Family Child Care Homes (FCC Chapter §17.891), Group Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes (GCC/GCCH Chapter §17.892.1), Before and After School Care Child Care Facilities (BAS Chapter §17-896), and Child Care Services (CCS Chapter §17-798.3) as indicated by a footnote on applicable pages.

Throughout this manual, the terms “caregiver,” “child care provider,” or “care provider” and “child care environment” or “care environment” are used. The term “caregiver,” “child care provider,” or “care provider” refers to a person who provides child care for a young child between the ages of birth and 5 years. The term “child care environment” or “care environment” refers to the place in which this care is provided; this can be a child care center, a family child care home, a home of the care provider, or the child’s home. In addition, the terms “parent” or “parents” are used. This term refers to any family member or guardian who is responsible for the child.

By familiarizing yourself with, understanding, and utilizing these health and safety practices, you help the children in your care to be safe, healthy, and ready to succeed!